• Automatic production line

    Automatic production line

    Production line with annual capacity of 15000 tons covers complete cellulose ether system to create ..

  • World class quality certification

    World class quality certification

    ISO9001 certification, reach certification, FDA certification, etc

  • All round technical support

    All round technical support

    Only focus on cellulose ether, professional team can provide the most perfect service

  • Global service

    Global service

    To provide you with the best quality cellulose ether and services

  • As an active participant in the cellulose industry, Weikem chemical has the vision of becoming the most responsible, reputable company that can provide the most satisfactory cellulose products to customers. After more than ten years and changes in the market, I dare not forget my original intention.
    At present, there are HPMC, HEC, MHEC and EHEC.
    Serve for customers in oil field, paint, dry powder building materials, cosmetics, personal care products, medicine and many other fields.